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Eliminate vacancy loss from the get-go by leasing directly to REZI before your current tenant moves out.

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A simple, yet powerful, way to maximize your NOI.

Vacancies in NYC lose 16.5% of the net effective rent before they're leased.

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Lease your units before they’re vacant to REZI, maximizing the value of your portfolio.

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We’ll never charge for our services. We make money by leasing at a higher price at faster rates.

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We guarantee rent and pay upfront – that’s how sure we are in our ability to find, qualify, and place tenants.

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Your questions, answered

A few common questions about the REZI broker program.

How far in advance can I prelease my upcoming vacancy to REZI?
Typically, we'll sign the lease up to 1 month before your existing tenants moves out, with a start date scheduled for the day that tenant moves out. However, you can approach REZI to get the process started and receive a detailed rental proposal at any time as soon as you know your current tenant won't be renewing their lease at the end of their term.
When does the prelease come into effect?
REZI preleases upcoming vacancies from multifamily property owners to help them achieve 0 vacancy. That means when we prelease, it takes immediate effect with our start date set as the exact same day your existing tenant is moving out (or once renovations or new developments are finished, etc.).

You'll receive your first month's rent (or up to 12 months rent upfront, depending on our agreement) at lease signing so that there is no disruption to your rental income and cashflow.
How does REZI determine rental prices for units not on the market?
Our dedicated research team, in tandem with our pricing algorithms, will review market performance and thousands of similar vacancies in the neighborhood to determine the market rate for your apartments. Our pricing model is optimized to get owners the highest monthly rent with the minimal vacancy downtime — which, in turn, is what allows us to prelease units in bulk and take on the vacancy risk ourselves.
Does REZI charge a fee for preleasing?
You'll never be charged a direct fee for leasing your units to REZI. Our fees are structured into each master lease, either as concessions or the difference in monthly rent between our master lease and the tenant sublease. REZI collects our premium based on our ability to lease vacancies faster and at higher net effective rents than the market average — and then sending the rest of those savings back to our owner-partners.