Lease up your buildings in a matter of minutes, rather than months.

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On-demand leasing

Lease your vacant portfolio in bulk and on demand.

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Imagine your next lease-up with guaranteed performance.


Get an offer.

REZI will provide a guaranteed lease-up payment proposal within days after receiving unit & amenity information.


Deliver your building.

Sign a contract and REZI will bring your vacancies to market within days on our tech-enabled platform and advertised across 80+ rental sites.


Collect your rent & watch REZI lease.

Collect up to 1 year's rent upfront while REZI handles everything from listing through lease signing — including marketing, tour management, and lease execution.

Stunning Interior Design

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Wifi & Amenitites

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Yoga & Gymn

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Concrete Modern Feel

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from listing through lease signing

We're an end-to-end, guaranteed, leasing platform for property owners.


Brand & Digital Development

Avoid expensive Digital & Marketing Agencies. When you lease up with REZI, we'll create a cohesive brand aligned with your vision, a website highlighting your new building, and a state-of-the-art digital strategy to drive traffic to your building.

  • Brand & Building Website Development

  • Digital Strategy & Paid Media Management

  • Creative Strategy & Graphic Design


Dedicated Onboarding

Once we've contracted your vacant apartments, our dedicated onboarding managers will guide you through our process to confirm all building and unit information, access, existing creative assets, and anything else necessary to start leasing.


Listing & Advertising

Our software instantly syndicates apartment listings to 80+ ILS network websites within less than 24 hours of being live on our site.

We also leverage strategic partnerships to create dedicated building advertisements, publish neighborhood & building specific content, and run referral campaigns to drive extra awareness to your building.

  • Instant syndication to 80+ ILS network sites.

  • Featured Building & Neighborhood Content

  • Strategic Ad & Referral Partnerships


Marketing Strategy & Automation

Our robust marketing strategy and automation engine instantly segments and responds to new leads — sending them personalized communications to get them to tour, apply, and lease your unit as quickly as possible.

Every new user is also added to automatic retargeting campaigns, across social and display ad networks — such Facebook, Google, and Tik Tok — to consistently see your building across the web and optimize conversion.

  • Marketing Automation Across E-mail, SMS, & Social Media

  • Instant Response and Online Tour Scheduling

  • Automatic Retargeting & Remarketing Campaigns


Lease Execution & User Experience

REZI finds renters and leases apartments faster through a diversified marketing and product-led strategy that optimizes user experience and engagement with a fully digital rental search, application, and lease signing in under 5 minutes.

A few of our most impactful product features include:

  • 100% Contactless Showing Capability

  • Instant Application Decisions

  • Digital Rent Payments & Lease Management


Precision Qualification

Our proprietary technology is able to approve tenants on a range factors and identifiers — including FICO, Debt-to-Income Ratio (DTI), Background Checks, etc. — so that only the highest quality tenants are leasing your properties.

Our resident support team manually reviews and verifies every application approved by our system to ensure accuracy and legitimacy as an extra precaution.

Note: REZI's rent guarantee is upheld to you regardless if we are able to place a tenant or if our tenant defaults on rent payments.

  • Verified Financial, Background, & Renter History

  • Manual Reviews of All Approved Applications

  • Owner Rent is Guaranteed Regardless of Tenant Payment


Real-time Owner Dashboard

Every property owner on REZI has access to a detailed owner dashboard to view portfolio performance, marketing analytics, occupancy rates, etc. to have full transparency into REZI's leasing performance.

  • Portfolio Performance + Occupancy Breakdown

  • Tenant Information & Lease Records

  • Marketing & Advertising Analytics

Why lease-up with REZI?

Focus on your core development expertise while we handle sales & marketing while improving your returns.

without rezi
9 Months Lease Up Ramp
with rezi
4 Months Vacancy
with rezi
5 Months Extra Income


We improve economics.

REZI offers tailored solutions to transfer all of your Sales & Marketing costs associated with a lease-up and reach full occupancy for the building faster — improving your actual leasing performance by more than 50% of your proforma to investors

get a proposal


We are lender approved.

REZI has transacted on properties where leading banks and lending institutions financed the property. Our structure keeps the qualified, long-term tenants directly on your rent rolls — giving both you and your lenders peace of mind.

Learn more


We're flexible.

REZI can transact in-bulk on any portfolio size, from one to dozens of buildings in one transaction. We also don't need to take the entire building — we can transact on any percentage of your vacant units that you'd prefer, from 20 minimum units to 100%.

Plus, our flexible contracts can be structured from 1.5 to 5 years in duration per property offering guaranteed income with escalations to maximize your asset’s value.

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Where we work

REZI is currently active in eight markets nationally with planned expansion to double our total coverage in 2022.  Stay tuned and follow us on social media for our next market launches.

  • New York, NY
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Orange County, CA
  • SF - Bay Area, CA
  • Miami, FL
  • Dallas - Fort Worth, TX
  • Austin, TX
  • Chicago, IL

New York

Los Angeles & Orange Cty

San Francisco Bay Area


Dallas - Ft. Worth


Washington D.C.


Case studies

A few of our projects.

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How many apartments can you do per transaction?

What is the process if we’re interested in moving forward?

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Welcome to REZI Leasing

This is our website for property owners and referral partners.

Before you get started, please take a moment to select the option the that most directly applies to you so we can provide a personalized experience to get you the most relevant information quickly.

Information we ask for

To receive a rental proposal from REZI, we'll need to ask for a bit of information first so that it is as accurate as possible — all to ensure that you can maximize your monthly rental income based off current market conditions.

The information we'll request includes the following:

Contact Information

We need your name, email, phone #, and the full address of the property you want to receive a proposal for (including unit #).

Unit Details

We need to know the # of bedrooms & bathrooms, total square feet, included kitchen appliances, laundry access, and included amenities.

Building Details

We need to know the building type (i.e. single-family vs. multifamily) and general building amenities (i.e. doorman, elevator, etc.)


Example rental proposal

After you submit your property information, you'll receive a detailed property proposal for REZI to lease your property.

If you'd rather lease the property yourself, you'll also be able to view a proposal to list your unit with REZI rather than leasing it to us.

The proposal will look like following image:


Leasing vs. Listing

REZI has two core products that we offer to our owner partners. Operationally, the products are identical — with the primary difference being found in the agreement structure and rent guarantee.

PRO Plan

REZI will lease your property directly, guaranteeing your monthly rent regardless of whether or not we are able to place a subtenant in the unit.

Once you sign the deal, you get paid the agreed upon monthly rent no matter what.

Standard Plan

REZI will recommend a price and list your unit on our network. We'll setup contactless tours, manage leads, and qualify applicants exactly as we would in a direct leasing agreement.

If we find a tenant within a predefined "exclusivity period" (i.e. 60 days), you'll pay REZI a one-time success fee of $1,500.


Contract Signing

REZI empowers our owner partners to lease their units on-demand and entirely online.

As a part of that, once you agree to a rental proposal the last remaining step will be to fill out and sign a digital contract — right on our platform.

We'll request the following information:

Company Information

For the contract, we'll need to either put your legal name or, if incorporated, the LLC name and details on the contract.

Property Management

We'll need to specify contact info for your property management company or super, as well as confirm specifics to the tenant lease agreement.

Confirmed Bank Account

As the final step, we will need to confirm your bank account information for REZI to send your monthly rent to.


Speak with our team.

Schedule a day and time to speak with a REZI representative.